Our teff is grown in Andalucía, Spain


  • It is Gluten Free so ideal for Coeliac Patients
  • It is a good source of:
    • Protein and Essential Amino Acids
    • Resistant starches
    • Fibre (especially soluble fibre)
    • Minerals (a.o. Iron, Calcium, Magnesium)
  • No anti nutrients
  • Excellent baking properties
  • Ideal for health, sports and dietary nutrition


A few years ago, the US National Research Council declared that teff had the potential to ‘boost nutrition’, in addition to supporting ‘sustainable landcare’. So what is it about this grain that offers such great health benefits?

Quite simply, teff is a true ‘super-food’. It contains calcium, iron and a multitude of other essential minerals, which all combine to help promote a healthier body. It also contains plenty of digestion-improving fibre and protein.

It’s also widely recognised as one of the best forms of bread for coeliac disease sufferers and for those with wheat intolerances, as it’s completely gluten free.


Even before the current rush to grow and consume teff, the U.S National Research Council had flagged it as an excellent grain for sustainable development in the U.S. and abroad by 1996.

It’s a particularly efficient crop. Just a single pound can sow an entire acre, sprouts in only 36 hours (shortest time-span for any grain), and yields up to a tonne of grain in about twelve weeks.

Furthermore, it can survive in a range of climatic conditions. Teff is relatively immune to drought, and flooding compared to many other kinds of cereal. Surprisingly, it grows well in both dry and waterlogged soils.