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I recently purchased your teff meal – teff flakes breakfast cereal form Goodness Direct, and I really loved it for my breakfast as as I was getting bored of normal, now I have something else to eat, I will definitely continue to buy these, and can’t wait to try some of your other products.

Abigail (Customer)

I have just sourced teff flour for a customer from Tobia Teff in North West London NW6. They use it exclusively in their Ethiopian restaurant – well worth a visit for those on a Gluten Free diet. Having spent the day in London, we went for a meal and were impressed by the welcoming atmosphere. Don’t expect glamour but good food and value for money.

Mary-Anne Barber (Lantern Foods)

If you are searching for a gluten-free cereal that is low in sugar and salt, then Tobia Teff may just have the answer. Ounce for ounce, teff, the smallest grain in the world, supplies more fibre rich bran and nutritious germ than any other grain! The Tobia-Teff website provides a number of recipes for homemade bread and goodies including gingerbread men or muffins – perfect for the whole family.

Teff, a gluten-free grain packed full of nutrients including iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B and C, whilst low in calories, is a staple of the Ethiopian and Eritrean diet, and is available to the UK market in an increasing range of products from Tobia-Teff. Whilst originally just teff flour (brown or white) was available, the range now also includes organic flour, cereals and the latest addition, home-made teff bread.

Teff is a gluten-free grain that can be used as a wheat flour substitute (good for coeliacs, who can get teff on NHS prescription). It can be used to make porridge, bread, cakes and ‘teff polenta’. Its arrival here comes courtesy of Sophie Sirak Kebede of Tobia Teff, who ate it in her native Ethiopia.

Daily Telegraph Food and Drink

Hi, Thank you for your advice, my son loves the “Teffios” so much so that I have to store them in the top cupboard so he can’t get to them! It’s great to have a gluten free breakfast cereal that tastes so good and my son loves. Thank you…

Susan (Customer)

With many people striving to reduce their wheat consumption but still wanting to eat bread and cakes, teff, a gluten free grain, which in flour form can be used as a wheatflour substitute, is available from Tobia Teff. Those suffering from coeliac disease can also now get a prescription for a supply of the grain from the NHS. For more information, to download an NHS form, get recipe ideas or place an order visit.