Tobia are fully committed to data security and have resolved to continually improve the ongoing security of our systems. Whilst there is no obligation or requirement for Tobia Teff to adhere to BSEN ISO27001 International Standard for Information Security or appoint a Data Protection Officer under GDPR, Tobia teff does embrace the principles of these standards/regulations. This is due to the fact they consider themselves a controller of data and want to instil within our contact base a confidence in the security of your information.

When personal information is collected, it is treated with the utmost of confidentiality, stored in a safe manner (normally within email or electronic documents). The information we hold on file which is specifically related to the GDPR will be the email address, mobile number and a physical address (if this has been given to Tobia Teff for a specific business reason). Tobia Teff will treat your information as highly confidential and are committed to ensuring that any information we host on our server is protected. Such information will only be used in the context of our trading relationship

In order to ensure this, we have a number of robust physical and electronic security measures in place. Please be assured all our electronic devices are password protected. We will not sell, lease or distribute your personal information to third parties under any circumstances. Assuring you of our best attention at all time and should you require any clarification then please do not hesitate to contact us.