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Totally Delicious

The nutritional value of teff grain is similar to traditional cereals, it is considered to have excellent amino acid composition (all 8) with lysine levels higher than that of wheat or barley and slightly less than that of rice or oats.

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About Teff

Teff is truly an ancient grain. It is believed that it was grown by the people of Ethiopia over 6000 years ago, and they continue to eat it to this day as a vital part of their diet.

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Ethiopian Cuisine

Traditional Teff Enjera is not eaten on its own but is usually consumed with a variety of vegan and non-vegan dishes. We can provide Ethiopian dishes to accompany the enjera on request.

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Teff Grows naturally in three different colours – Brown, Ivory and White Teff Grains. The White Teff flour is therefore, wholegrain white teff.

Tobia Teff sources its conventional and organic teff from places where EU strict agricultural rules applies to the extent of fertilizer used farming conventional teff.

Tobia Teff uses only eco-friendly packaging throughout.