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Tobia Pure Teff Fermented Flat Bread (Enjera) x2


Gluten and Sugar Free Loaf of Bread

100% Wholegrain–75% brown–25% white teff flour

Pack of 2

Weight: 450g

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Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

Enjera (sometimes called injera) has been eaten in Ethiopia for centuries. This delicious flat-bread is created from teff flour; and its distinctly wholesome, nutty flavour provides the ideal accompaniment to a variety of different dishes.

Gluten-Free and Great for Your Health

Teff enjera is entirely gluten-free, which makes it a popular choice for those suffering with coeliac disease or a wheat intolerance. Teff is full of essential minerals, iron, fibre and protein; which makes it a healthier option than traditional wheat-based flatbreads.

Enjera can be used to either scoop up the sauce of a meal (e.g. a chicken or lentil dish), or can be used as a bread wrap for some savouries.


100% teff flour, water, trace fenugreek. (Teff dough fermented 4-5 days)

Please note that all perishable items such as bread and enjera will be sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays (beginning of the week) only.

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